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In the near future, 10 death row convicts are forced to compete in a virtual reality game that pits them against dinosaurs and each other.
I had the opportunity to watch this, but was not too sure after seeing that it had an IMDb ranking of only 3.8.<br/><br/>According to reviews, it was ok acting, an awful script and even worse SFX.<br/><br/>I&#39;m glad I took the opportunity, as this was a fun film, with great acting and, whole some of the effects could have been better with a higher budget, there was nothing that caused me to stop believing in the story being shown to me. Some of the effects, particularly many of the dinosaurs, were really good.<br/><br/>The acting was definitely above par for a low budget film and the script worked well.<br/><br/>Let&#39;s face it, a low budget film needs a different rating system than a Hollywood movie which has millions of dollars thrown at it and the backing of a studio - something which many armchair experts tend to ignore.<br/><br/>Another plus, for me though maybe not for some, was the lack of sex scenes, which are generally added to film &amp; TV shows now to make up for a lack of content and plot.<br/><br/>I have given this 8 stars, because it passed the cigarette test. I didn&#39;t have to stop watching to go outside to smoke while it was on, which is a good sign to me on how good a film really is.<br/><br/>If you&#39;re looking for a film that you can just watch and enjoy, then this is definitely one you should check out.
Low budget, OK, not great special effects, nothing glaringly bad like most low budget rip off movies and not as bad as some reviewers have said, though they did lack a bit<br/><br/>This one had a pretty good plot, but suffered mostly from a low budget. It is a bit of a rip off of The Hunger Games with Jurassic Park thrown in. We get spoiled by the blockbusters and expect the same from every movie, this is not a blockbuster with a blockbuster budget.<br/><br/>Some of the acting was, while not terrible, a bit below par.<br/><br/>This is the type of movie you watch with a fun group of friends. Not a movie to be taken too seriously, as it doesn&#39;t take itself too seriously.<br/><br/>Not a movie I would recommend.

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