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Mahoro, a female combat android, had an excellent track record working for the military organization Vesper. However, while on one mission, her creator is killed, and despite it not being her fault, she feels a terrible guilt. Due to her limited lifespan, she's decomissioned and taken out of combat, allowing her to expend her energy at a slower rate while living a civilian life. She decides to repay her creator by taking care of his son, Suguru, working as a maid at the boy's residence. The two get along wonderfully, but Mahoro constantly finds herself at odds with others in Suguru's life; the most bizarre of which being his lecherous high school teacher. To complicate matters further, Mahoro's past comes back to haunt her, as adversaries from her days at Vesper return with the intent to fight her. Through it all, Mahoro does her best to live as happy a life as she can, knowing that she has less than a year before her lifespan ends.
A military robot is decommissioned and works as a loyal maid for the young son of her late creator.
I would say that I am new in the world of anime. The only ones I really watched was Love Hina, Love Hina Again and Excel Saga just before I began watching Mahoromatic.<br/><br/>Being a production of one of the most known and praised anime studios of Japan, studio Gainax (Neon Genesis Evangelion), it really is a masterpiece of animation. The characters are incredibly drawn, the music is amazing… But the really amazing in the series is the plot.<br/><br/>It begins as Mahoro, the ultimate combat robot of an organization that has as a purpose to defend Earth from invading aliens, is coming to an end. It is therefore given the opportunity to either live as a warrior for 40 more days, or get all of her combat capabilities removed and live for 398 days. She chooses the second option and wishes to work as a maid for Suguru-kun, a 14-year orphan. But nothing always is at it seems and none can escape their past…<br/><br/>Mahoromatic begins as a comedy but towards the end it becomes more and more serious. I wouldn&#39;t like to spoil the fun by revealing any other details of the plot. As for the ending… well… it was a life experience to me…<br/><br/>This is an adult anime, given the fact that a lot of nudity and violence occurs. But this is not really what it&#39;s all about. The plot really is a treatise on life with a lot of philosophical questions arising, especially towards the end. I was really amazed by the characters, considering their cuteness (Ka…Kawaiiii….), their simplicity and their truly humanitarian views towards life. Even though one might seem that the approach is simplistic, it is really through this simplicity that this anime reveals all of it&#39;s virtues.<br/><br/>It&#39;s an amazing, an incredible piece of work, a masterpiece in my opinion. And it is such a masterpiece, that I really cannot describe my feelings when I saw the last two episodes. All I can hope for is for more. Please, Gainax… if someone of you is reading this… please… give us some more!<br/><br/>Extremely funny, extremely humane, extremely entertaining, extremely sentimental, extremely touching. Simply the best anime I&#39;ve seen.
Like the previous commentator mentioned, another masterpiece from Gainax.<br/><br/>For the first couple of episodes, the viewer is deceived into believing that Mahoromatic is (yet) another brainless comedy relying on casual nudity and perversion to hook the audience. However, there are some underlying factors that save the series from being otherwise generic - Mahoro&#39;s limited time, character development, and the story climaxes beautifully at the end (although there is also some obscurity).<br/><br/>A sweet romance (mixed with sci-fi combat), to say the least. Funny in its casual moments, and emotional in its serious moments, Mahoromatic is a unique and enjoyable take on the battle maid genre.

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